Do Stretch Marks Always Stay Purple?

The other day I was doing some research online about the most beautiful natural makeup looks and I came across one girl’s review of her tried and true favorite bronzer. She mentioned that it did not match her skin tone very well, so she gave herself a few low-cost trims to get a better color balance.

Her whole review got me thinking though. Why are there so many different colors for your self-tanner? And what is the difference between indoor and outdoor spray tans?

Well, aside from being expensive, the color choice can make a big difference in how your tan comes out!

Self-tanners with less diversity in color usually stay within a narrow range of shades which makes their effect more neutral. A lot of people like this because they want a soft, warm toned tan, but we all have different skin tones.

Indoor self-spray tans typically contain UV filters that protect your skin as you use it, but an ever growing number lack these chemicals or have too much of them. These are increasingly popular due to their cost effectiveness, but some experts say they may be harmful to your health.

What is oxybenzone?

Oxybenzone is a chemical compound used to increase the durability of the self-tanning product. Unfortunately, studies show that oxybenzone can cause significant long term harm to humans, including potential effects on hormonal function, reproduction, and cancer growth.

There are products that claim to fade or remove them

While there is no magic solution for fading or removing stretch marks, one of the most popular ways to make your skin look smoother and tighter is by using light layers of concealer with a brush.

Some brands will go into more detail about what types of ingredients they contain so you should read those labels before investing in any product.

It depends on your skin tone

Not all color variation of stretch marks is due to hormonal changes, there are many things that can cause them. Some people may be genetically predisposed to dry or sensitive skin which could explain why some areas do not show signs of inflammation.

Stress can also have an effect on how your body responds to hormones so it would make sense to believe that stress-related situations could influence whether or not you develop new scars.

It has been shown that women who gave birth within their first year will sometimes get white “paint” like streaks on their newborn baby bumps. This happens because the skin does not receive enough blood supply after delivery, and as a result, it begins to waste away.

This can sometimes leave very thin layers of exposed dermal tissue which then begin to flake off and become scarred down. Because this occurs at such a superficial level, it is most likely what causes the difference in color between one area and another.

Some people are more sensitive to them

Not all individuals process skin the same. Different chemicals react with your skin tone and cause different results. This includes coloration, removal, and changing of stretch mark colors.

They can even heal themselves

Even if you don’t have any babies yet, it is important to know about stretch marks before trying to conceive. Because they are caused by your body stretching as it tries to grow a baby, they will go away!

Most people think that these purple lines remain colorfully involvement for life. But some take longer than others to disappear. It depends on many things such as your skin tone and hair follicle growth.

It takes around two years on average for them all to completely fade out. Some women never get rid of all of their stretch marks, but this isn’t always the case.

Why not? Sometimes fat cells that contain small amounts of pigment may clump together, making it seem like there’s more colour where there really is none. This could also happen with blood or fluid stains which do not wash off easily.

There are many reasons why skin can get stretch marks

It is important to understand that not all stretch marks go away! This is especially true for natural roll or corset style scars. These are called linea alba (white lines) because they resemble white belts that fit around your waist.

Some people call these “spontaneous lacerations” which means they occur when you’re working out, growling physically, or both. Spontaneous laceration happens when collagen in the dermis (the layer of skin directly under the epidermal layer) breaks down and pulls apart.

This process usually slows down as you age due to decreased levels of estrogen and testosterone. When using heavy weight lifting equipment or exercise machines with weights attached, it can be hard to realize this break down process until it happens.

At this stage, the body uses extra strength to try and heal the wound but it may also cause stress and inflammation at the site which could make them worse.

You should not use harsh chemicals to try to get rid of them

Many people believe that using strong acids or alcohol to treat your skin will help lighten your dark marks. This is not true! While some individuals claim their treatments work, most do not.

Many people begin experimenting with this type of care after reading false information about how acidity can cause dryness and wrinkles. Or they may have read reviews claiming their preferred product works better than others.

However, most professionals agree that applying chemical agents directly onto your skin can be harmful. These products cannot be absorbed into your skin and instead soak through the surface.

That means these chemicals are traveling up the pores and being flushed out in our urine. Some are even found in water supplies and food due to excessive runoff.

Acids and alcohols also react with other substances in your body such as iron or glucose. The results include inflammation and possible health problems.

You should not use the wrong products

When using professional grade concealers, make sure you know what kind of light they work in and how to use them. Some contain sun filters that help prevent your skin from getting too dark or causing pink or orange tones.

Many people believe that these shades are caused by internal body processes like blood flow, but this is incorrect!

These colors come from chemicals used to produce the product, not due to pigment production. Many brands do not specify which chemicals contribute to color changes so individuals cannot be certain if their product works effectively.

There are some very successful concealer users who have experienced color change due to external factors such as lighting, tanning beds, and chemical treatments (such as bleaching agents) for hair.

You should not wear certain clothes

Some people believe that if you read magazines or see pictures of yourself in a mirror, your skin will lighten up and those ugly stretch marks will go away. This is definitely false!

There are several reasons why this theory does not work. First, the media usually only focus on heavily exposed areas like breasts, hips, and buttocks. They never discuss how to treat every part of your body- including your stomach, thighs, and arms.

Second, most people do not understand the process of tanning. Even more importantly, they do not know about sun protection products such as sunscreen and concealers/foundation that contain zinc.

Zinc acts as an effective sunblock by protecting your skin from sunburn and helping prevent darkening of the skin caused by repeated exposure to UV rays. It also helps keep your hair healthy and strong.

Third, even though some sunless tanners claim their treatments help fade scars, most are simply using too much product or overlapping products with other therapies (like laser treatment). Both of these can actually make scarring worse!

Overall, trying to find “fading” coverup products is just a waste of money for most people.