Laser Removal of Stretch Marks | Effective or Not?

Laser Removal of Stretch Marks

There are several options for dealing with stretch marks – creams, peels, oils, etc – but one of the most asked about is laser. Dermatologists and med spas often offer services involving the laser stretch mark removal. Using specialized lasers professionals are able to target each mark and help repair the skin and fade the odd colors.

But is this treatment method effective? Well, the answer is yes. It does, however, require undergoing 3-5 or more laser sessions to completely get rid of the marks. It depends greatly on how defined and colored the marks on your body are.

PRO TIP: Want a cheaper, yet still effective way to eliminate marks? You can fade away stretch marks relatively quickly in the comfort of your own home using a potent removal cream. There are tons on the market but the ones we recommend are TriLastin-SR and Mederma.

Here’s a great video explaining the process:

One of the biggest problems with using laser surgery for stretch marks is the cost. Generally speaking, a single session usually costs $150 to $175 or more. Since you need between 3 and 5 sessions to remove these scars this can often mean spending $350 to $800+ to fix your skin. That’s not cheap by any means.

You can also couple laser treatments, or any other treatment method, with exfoliating and peels to get faster, better results from your efforts. These standard skincare procedures help to remove damaged skin and promote the growth of healthy skin cells to make your skin look natural and beautiful again.

Alternatives to Laser Stretch Mark Surgery

Alternative treatments such as using a stretch mark removal cream or utilizing specially-made oils are much cheaper and still effective. They take a bit longer to get full results (typically a couple months of regular use) but they are much more cost effective and generally work for most people.