Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Review

skinception intensive stretch mark therapy

Looking for a product that will help fade away nasty stretch marks quickly and without issues? Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy might be up your alley then.

Designed to naturally boost your body’s production of collagen and rebuild skin elasticity, this cream is a popular and effective treatment option. Below we’ve provided an in-depth review of this product detailing everything it’s capable of, revealing it’s ingredients, and more.

About Skinception

Skinception product box

Skinception is a rapidly growing cosmetics company that produces quality skincare products for nearly every common problem. Their most notable products are their anti-aging and skin lightening treatments known as Kollagen Intensiv, Eyelasticity, and Illuminatural 6i.

This company, while somewhat small compared to big names like Obagi or SkinMedica, creates high quality, extremely effective solutions for most of today’s biggest skincare problems. Striving to be known for excellence they never use harmful ingredients such as parabens or synthetic components in their products.

About Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is a well-known and highly praised stretch mark removal cream. It is considered one of the best options for getting rid of marks on nearly any part of the body. Consumers have often noted that this product performs even better than extremely popular brands such as Mederma and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.

Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy

How Does it Work?

This cream is specially designed to help naturally boost the production of collagen and new, healthy skin cells. These are essential steps in getting rid of those deep grooves and purple or reddish colors associated with stretch marks. Intensive’s patented formula goes to work immediately and has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of even the most noticeable marks by up to 72.5%.

The cream is applied daily to the affected areas and with regular use, after 4-6 weeks, will gradually smooth out furrows, fade away discolorations of the skin, even out the complexion of the area, and restore your skin’s firmness.

Here are the areas Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy works best for:

  • Breasts
  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Butt
  • Upper Arms

Even if your stretch marks are older and have lots of coloring this product will produce visible results after 4-6 weeks of daily application.


It’s always important to know the ingredients that are in any cosmetic product you want to use on your skin. If you are allergic to a particular substance or have had issues with it in the past you may want to consider an alternative.

There are just 2 known active ingredients in Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy. These are:

  • Regestril
  • Darutoside

Regestril is a component that helps restore the natural structure of the skin that is damaged by increasing collagen production as well as fibronectin. This is a common ingredient in stretch mark creams.

Darutoside is a natural plant extract that is known to help decrease inflammation, restore collagen, and help give skin back its original elasticity after being stretched.

Customer Reviews

We are firm believers in the power of word-of-mouth testimonials. More importantly, testimonials from REAL people that have actually used the product in question. That being said, we scoured the web and dug up some reviews of Skinception’s stretch mark cream.

Generally speaking, most people had positive things to say about this product. Most saw improvements in their skin after 2-4 weeks and fully expect to see even further results as they continued to use the product.

There were a few outliers that said the cream was a little oily and took longer to show visible results (around 6+ weeks) but, overall, it would seem that most people that bought Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy were pleased with the results.

Our Skinception Evaluation

This stretch mark removal cream is one of our absolute favorite products. It works on pretty much every major part of the body that marks tend to form on.

It works much faster than other similar creams, too, which is awesome. And it’s decently priced.

Oh, it’s also important to note that it’s 100% safe to use while you’re pregnant, a HUGE plus!  Try Skinception and tell us if you agree.

The only thing we didn’t like about it is that the cream does feel a little oily so if you’re prone to acne breakouts or other blemishes because of oil you’ll either want to use this product conservatively. Obviously acne is a bit easier to manage than stretch marks but it’s still something to think about.