RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream Review

revitagen stretch mark cream

Tired of seeing those unsightly stretch marks on your skin but aren’t prepared to drop mounds of money into surgery to get rid of them? Well, there are alternative treatments that don’t cost nearly as much money and, for most people, still work.

One such treatment is using a stretch mark cream. Today we’re going to talk about RevitaGen, a cream created to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks without the need of expensive surgery.

About RevitaGen

Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream - RevitaGen - Fade & Reduce Stretch Marks Caused by Weight Gain Pregnancy & Muscle Growth - Stop New Stretch Marks From Forming - Natural Moisturizing Treatment with Peptides & Botanicals - Stretch Mark Reducer (6 oz)RevitaGen is a relatively new product with little history behind it. It’s just one of those random ones that you come across while researching topics like treatments for stretch marks.

According to their own website, though, the product is a simple cream that is supposed to reduce the length, depth, and even the texture of pre-existing stretch marks.

The website goes on to state that RevitaGen’s unique formula will help to firm and tone your skin, increase your overall collagen production, get rid of those ugly discolorations associated with stretch marks, moisturize the skin, and improve the natural softness of your skin, too.

We’re assuming that this particular stretch mark cream is only for after-care, though. Nowhere on the website or product label does it claim to be suitable for the prevention of marks in the first place.

So if you’re looking for something to protect you from getting scars while you lose weight or go through pregnancy, look elsewhere, because it seems RevitaGen isn’t meant for that. My favorite cream for stretch marks prevention is the Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter (review).

RevitaGen Reviews

Normally for any cosmetic product we would recommend reading through the thoughts and opinions of real consumers that have actually used it. But, because this product is so new and rather unheard of, our efforts of digging up any honest testimonials for the product were in vain.

There are a few obscure websites that have “in-depth” reviews of RevitaGen but these sites don’t appear to be very credible or reliable sources of information. Be wary of stuff like this.

After several of months of daily usage there has been zero results from this product. I have a few newer stretch marks and a few older ones and it did not do anything for either of them. It might just be my skin type but I wouldn’t recommend this product. Another product bites the dust for me!

christine turnbull, an amazon buyer review

Been using it for a month, haven’t noticed any changes, except the skin feels smoother to the touch. Stretch marks look and feel exactly the same.

anderson, an amazon buyer review

Our Review

RevitaGen seems to be one of those “too good to be true” products. It’s only found online and there is next to nothing about it anywhere other than the official product sales page. Most products like this tend to be extremely ineffective and rather costly. This cream is a bit pricey at nearly $50 a bottle. And the results you’ll see from it will likely be minimal at best.

Be very leery of random products that have no history or feedback behind them. They are often created for the sole purpose of draining your wallet.

If you want a real stretch mark cream that is actually reliable, has both clinical results & real consumer reviews to back its claims, and actually works we highly recommend using either TriLASTIN-SR or Skinception to fade away stretch marks in a timely manner.

How to Use It

Just like all other creams you simply apply RevitaGen to the desired areas, rub it in, and wait for results. According to the website it is recommended to use the product twice daily (once in the morning, and again at night). The website also claims that visible results should be seen within the first 4-6 weeks of use.

Where to Buy It

If you’re looking to purchase RevitaGen there are two options – the official website, and Amazon. This product is apparently not carried by any other major retailer.


RevitaGen Stretch Mark Cream

Solid for Prevention & Removal

This cream reduces the appearance of stretch marks and fades their color for a more even skin tone.

Fast results, no chemicals or surgery. Hypoallergenic. Safe for all skin types. Works on old and new stretch marks.